• Krissy Bencomo

7 things to do that will make you feel #NMTrue

Updated: Aug 13, 2019

1. Selfie with the sunset

New Mexico is known for colorful sunsets that compliment the vast brawling beauty of our desert landscapes that you have been immortalized through great artists work like Georgia O'keeffe. Be sure to look towards the West during the sunset hour which varies depending on the time of year.

(Photo featureing Scar Letta of Art Nueva. Photo by Brian Mckinsey)

2. Talk about breaking bad

People come from all around to see the iconic landmarks from one of television's most epic neo-western crime dramas which was filmed right here in Albuquerque. You can even stop by The Candy Lady in Old Town to pick up a few bags of her infamous souvenirs. Don’t worry- it’s safe to fly home with these.

(Photo Via www.TheCandyLad.com)

3. Brag about chile

If you’re new in town then you may take a while to acclimate even to the “mildest” NM green chile. After a few weeks you will most likely acquire a taste for spice and be able to brag about how much you love to burn your face off just like a local! YUM!

(Photo via Sadie’s of NM Facebook Page)

4. Go on a picture adventure in the Bosque

If you are local and like to stay active then there’s a good chance you frequent the Bosque often. This 16 mile stretch of forest that lines the Rio Grande River through the city is great for wildlife watching and simple hiking. Dog friendly and full of so many picture worthy photo ops all year long.

(Photo featuring Brian Mckinsey. Taken by Krissy Bencomo)

5. Talk like a Buerqueno

If you haven’t noticed yet- you will. There is a certain kind of swag and cadence to the way New Mexican’s talk. And after you’ve been here for a while don’t be surprised if you start sounding “All Bad” like a true Buerqueno. This now famous viral video explains it best.


6. Over Eat

It’s hard staying on a diet when you are surrounded by INCREDIBLE food so be prepared to put on a few pounds while you are here.. We pride ourselves on our food and the serving sizes show it. It’s pretty much a safe bet to split a plate anywhere you go.

(Photo via Sadie’s of NM Facebook Page)

7. Get a zia tattoo

The ultimate test of your #NMTrue-ness is to get the mark of the local- The Zia. This sacred Zia symbol was first found on 19th century Zia Pueblo pottery and has been the State flag since 1925. The symbol represents the Circle of Life: the four directions, the four times of day, the four stages of life, and the four seasons. A symbol very worthy to serve as a permanent reminder of your love of NM. Our logo has a custom flare of the zia...maybe your next tattoo?

Mauger Estate Zia Logo

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