• Krissy Bencomo

Follow the Sandias...

Updated: Aug 13, 2019

There are many great things about our beautiful city- but one of the greatest is that you can never REALLY be lost. In addition to having the benefit of a grid system behind the infrastructure of our roads and highways, we have a GIANT compass that you can see from literally anywhere in the city: The legendary, Sandia Mountains. Always remember that the mountains are East; Sunset is West; Santa Fe is North; and Las Cruces is South. The 17 mile strip of mountain range is legendary for turning a pinkish hue at dusk and dawn; one of the rumored explanations for being named “Sandia” which is the Spanish word for Watermelon. Take note of sunrise and sunset hours because New Mexico is known for its stunning skies which make the best panoramic backdrops for all your travel photos.

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