• Krissy Bencomo

Neons & Nostalgia

Updated: Aug 13, 2019

Nothing brings back the feeling of “The good ol’ days” like being underneath the glow of a neon sign. While you’re in town take an hour or two to hunt…for neon!

Neons on Historic Route 66

You will find original historic pieces as well as newly contributed designs from modern businesses who are committed to keeping the neon culture on Route 66 alive. Caution: May experience intense spells of nostalgia as result of being infected by the “American Spirit”. Highly contagious.

Being SO close to the Historic Route 66 (just five blocks North) we HIGHLY recommend going on a drive in search of your favorite neons- plus it makes for GREAT #travel photos and memories. Our suggestion is to start on Central Ave. (Route 66) at Rio Grande- head East (toward the mountain) until you get to San Mateo before you turn back around. On your way back to the B&B, stop into any of the AMAZING restaurants in our foodie district of Nob Hill for lunch or dinner.

Get to it- Those selfies aren’t gonna take themselves! (Share them with us via Social Media)

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