• Krissy Bencomo

Route 66; The American experience!

Updated: Aug 13, 2019

Every week we are happy to host travelers from all over the world. Often our guests are somewhere along their journey of exploring the historic Route 66. The Route is arguably the heart of modern American culture and has played an intricate role in shaping who we are as a Nation. It represents freedom, opportunity, exploration, and  prosperity- “The American Dream”.

Foreign travelers in search of this authentic American experience make up 40% of the visitors along The Route. The Route 66 Road Ahead Partnership announced in mid- 2018 its International Advisory Group will begin work on a comprehensive International Route 66 Travelers Survey which aims to determine the challenges our international travelers face and what they seek to enhance their experience.

Now- If the neon signs and nostalgia isn’t enough to convince you of The Mother Roads majesty, then maybe you’ll stay for the scenic by-ways. Our guests are constantly in awe of the vast beauty of our desert landscape. We hear comments like, “You have so much room in the Southwest- everything is so spread out.” and  “Every state is so unique! The landscapes are remarkably different.” Being that The Route takes you from Chicago, Illinois, to Santa Monica, California- you definitely get a healthy dose of American variety.

Though much of our American architectural and cultural heritage exists along the original route 66, The National Trust for Historic Preservation included The Route  in its 2018 list of America’s 11 Most Endangered Historic Places. The good news is that over the 30 year existence of the list, 95% of the sites on the list have been saved or preserved.  By raising awareness, mobilizing the communities, and providing resources and education, many of our American relics have been saved.

Being that we are only 5 blocks North of the historic Route 66- we feel like we are playing our role in preserving that history. We know the desert Southwest may not appeal to all, but we LOVE hearing the reaction of those who have a change of heart once they have experienced it for themselves.

You can you do part to preserve and contribute to our American legacy by visiting the local businesses along the Route. Ask your Innkeeper or refer to our website for some of our favorite recommendations.

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